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Puebco - Omnibus Fragrance/Diffuser


The Omnibus collection of fragrance diffusers features a scent for every day of the week. Classy and minimal in design, they?re just as pleasant on the eyes as they are on the nose. Let the diffuser sticks absorb the oil for a day or two, then flip them around to fill your space with a subtle, delicate aroma.

Tokyo's PUEBCO produces a varied range of housewares and lifestyle accessories defined by elegant design and utilitarian appeal. Inspired by communities around the globe and using recycled materials, PUEBCO proves that a well-used product is a beautiful one, each with its own story.

Available in Sun. (Linen),
Mon. (Brisk),
Tue. (Orchid),
Wed. (Ocean),
Thu. (Teakwood),
Fri. (Tuberose),
Sat. (Provence)

Fragrance, Oil, Glass, Wood
30mL / 1FL. OZ.
Diffuser: 70 x 40 x40mm
Package: 140 x 48 x 45mm