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Paddywax – Glacier White Pine + Hemlock


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Step into the wild with Paddywax’s new collection inspired by America’s great national parks. These vessels are uniquely textured and finished to represent the beautiful landscapes and filled with fragrances you'd experience in the parks. For the first time ever, these candles come with cherry wood dustcovers and crackling wood wicks.

14 oz. Approx 84 hours of burn time. Made in the USA. Soy wax candle, wood wick.

Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, Paddywax candles have been lovingly hand-poured since 1996. Paddywax uses the finest US made soy wax, oils, and cotton wicks to ensure the best quality fragrance throw, burn, and overall experience. From intimate occasions to large celebrations, these are the moments we never want to forget. Set them in stone (or more appropriately: in wax) with the alluring fragrance of a Paddywax candle! Slow down. Light a candle. Set the tone.