Drake General Store - Birds of the World: 250 of Earth's Most Majestic Creatures

Birds of the World: 250 of Earth's Most Majestic Creatures


From owls and hawks to flamingos and toucans, this fully illustrated, fact-filled book is full of hundreds of avian wonders from all over the world for kids to discover and explore.

This gorgeously illustrated book showcases the winged world of some of the most vibrant and unique birds.

Approximately 10,000 different species of birds inhabit our planet, and they exist in all kinds of environments, from deserts to the Antarctic, from the open sea to impenetrable tropical forests, from swamps to mountaintops, to even cities and towns. This book offers young readers examples of the stunning variety of birds that live in our world -- from the largest ostrich at 5-feet tall and 330 pounds, to the smallest hummingbird at 2 inches long and weighing barely an ounce.

Divided into chapters denoting geographical areas, Birds of the World features magnificent and detailed illustrations of each bird discussed. At the same time, captions summarize the most important aspects that make up a bird's life, such as environment, food, reproduction, and distinctive behavior. Kids will also learn about the varying colors of plumage, impressive courtship and mating displays, extraordinary flight skills, and more.

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