Dental Tray - Transparent
Dental Tray - Transparent Dental Tray - Transparent

Dental Tray - Transparent

Area: China
Approx size: H1.2 x W4.7 x D3.3 in.
Material: Recycled Glass

PUEBCO was born in Japan 2007 by the simple notion of creating things instinctively, using found and recycled materials to curate renewed items for everyday living. We believe that just as people are the sum of their lived experiences, the objects we share our homes with, should carry that same sense of history and weight. By using recycled materials and hand-made processes, PUEBCO infuses these objects with the feeling of many lifetimes, allowing each item to express it’s own uniqueness. We see life, with all it’s natural blemishes, as perfect and complete. Which is how we view our products and process. Creating items not with imperfections, but with rare and distinct qualities...all intended by design.

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