Shop Coat I-1 - Original
Shop Coat I-1 - Original Shop Coat I-1 - Original

Shop Coat I-1 - Original


Long enough to wear in most seasons, the Shop Coat I-1 is a great piece of original workwear that can be used on a variety of occasions. With multiple pockets to hold your goods, each item has reinforced detailing with unique colourations due to its reclaimed origin.

Area: India

Approx. Size: 01 - Ch21.2 x L37.4 in / 02 - Ch21.2 - 24 x L37.4 in

Material: Used Fabric

[Size01] Original Color
Chest: under 21.25" 
Length: approx. 37.5"

[Size02] Original Color
Chest: 21.25"-24"
Length: approx. 39.4"

    I found piles of military wear. How should we use this material? After a great deal of thought, I decided to make uniforms which can be used at shops. I hand-picked the best material from the piles and tried to classify each piece by type and by size. However, the sizes were too scattered to divide up this way. Even on items with the same design, the length of the sleeves were not uniform. Length, body width, all lacked uniformity. I finally decided to size them using the chest measurement. Because as long as the garment fits in the chest, everything else will fit fine.

    Let's leave it to the person wearing the garment to decide how to dress it up. The garment factory has told me repeatedly that "it’s easier to produce with new fabrics". We are not necessary to create if making with new fabrics. I believe there is a possibility to make the best use of us by doing inefficient things.

    Because of the product's characteristics, no color or texture is the same, and the garment may show fading, scratches, or even dirt.

    PUEBCO was born in Japan 2007 by the simple notion creating things instinctively, using found and recycled materials to curate renewed lifestyle items. PUEBCO believes that just as people are the sum of their lived experiences, the objects we share our homes with should carry that same sense of history and weight. By using recycled materials and handmade processes, PUEBCO imbues these objects with the feel of many lifetimes, and a sense of history that makes each piece unique. With PUEBCO products, there are no imperfections. These imperfections are details that are meant to be there by design.

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